Be different, Go Transcend

Gen Ad Transcendence, a special event organized by Federation of Advertising Organization (FAO) where well-known advertisers in the country came together to share their thoughts about the new trends in the field was held last October 4, 2014 at the Gateway Complex.

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With the three speakers who gave their talks- Philippine Mobext Head, Arthur Policarpio; Digital Manager of Uniliver Philippines, Kichi Madlansacay, and; VP Chief Planning Officer of McCan Worldgroup Philippines, Gino Borromeo, all of them geared towards the emergence of the new advertising platforms and how these change the advertising landscape in the Philippines. Several concepts like, mobile marketing, Smartphones, digital media, etc. were given emphasis but all of these are pointing into one idea:

The rise of these new media provide wider access for advertisers to reach their client but these also offer the greatest challenge and trouble that advertisers have to face”.
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Since digital and mobile marketing are trend, most of the companies, thinking that it is the “must” way to market their product are “going digital for the sake of going digital” –as how Miss Kichi called it. This is truly evident in social networking sites that are usually flooded with pictures, posts, and videos of different products.  As it seems, companies have this motto- “the more the merrier”, meaning the more social media platforms they utilize, the more profit they will get. What these brands do not realize is that while everyone is so hooked with social media, it would be then harder for them to get noticed.

Yes, there are many “how to boost your social media visibility” articles published, these would not ease the problem since everyone is employing the same method. In face of this new challenge, there is one point given by Sir Gino which stroke me a lot – think the product itself as advertising. In connection to this, there is one particular brand which comes to mind that was able to use their product as their primary advertising strategy and social media as their secondary- Coca-Cola.

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Coca-Cola’s Share a coke campaign which was launched in the Philippines last July 2014, collated and printed famous Filipino nicknames and endearments in Coca-Cola cans and bottles.  I think of it as the best example for the brand’s courage to go beyond the norm. Making a product personalized is not easy and a big risk especially to a company whose product is manufactured for wide consumption. Coca-Cola however took that opportunity to be different, and to get noticed- and it was a success! In fact, by mentioning product personalization, Coca-Cola would quickly come to one’s mind and by that, the product itself became their best medium to advertise their brand.

Social media only comes to play to compensate for those whose names are not printed in the bottles and cans. This is through an application launched in Facebook when users upon subscription will receive a Coca-Cola can picture in their profile with their name printed on it. This brilliant move just made the consumers made ager to avail a real Coca-Cola product with their name leading to the establishment of stores personalizing Coke’s products. This stores which were commonly found in several malls sell the product in a more expensive price but people are still buying into it.  Personally, I think it’s because they are seeing the value attached to the product- “self-identity” and consumers want that. It was indeed a breakthrough for Coca-Cola, having successfully made their product advertise their own brand.

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I think this kind of thinking is what lacks in other brands. They are so overwhelmed with the attention that social media is getting from the public that they want to consumed every platform to market their product. As a consumer, I actually find it annoying when my newsfeed is flooded with different ads, when my Yahoo is filled with e-mails from companies offering promos, or when I get LinkedIn invitations from different businesses and sending messages about their product. Although social media and mobile marketing open endless possibility for advertisers, these also become a leeway for subtle advertising- where more and more brand are becoming guilty of but are not aware of it.

If there would one important takeaway from the talks given by the speakers, it would be, “You don’t always have to go with what is trendy”.  It would always be better if you would have your own way of doing things.

From a consumer’s perspective, I would like to relate it with my behavior when it comes to buying clothes. I am really fond of clothes especially dresses, but it is very seldom that I buy such which style is trendy. It may be fulfilling that you were able to buy something that is “in”   but when you wear it in the crowd, how will you even get noticed if all of you are wearing the same style?

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That I believe, should be the goal of advertisers- to be outstanding and different.  



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One thought on “Be different, Go Transcend”

  1. Agree, developing your own style in fashion is what finding your voice is in the PR and marketing world–both offline and online. I think the key is to have a consistent voice across all platforms. That makes brands feel more authentic and “human.” 🙂


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